"In every walk with Nature, one receives more than he seeks."




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Nordic Walking had its roots in Finland in 1979 when a cross country skiing coach developed the concept for off season training. It was commercially engineered in 1997 in conjunction with the leading Finnish Sports Institute coining the name ‘Nordic Walker’. Outside of Finland, Nordic walking was introduced first to Sweden and Denmark, spreading in short time throughout Europe. Today it is estimated there are over 12 million Nordic Walkers overseas.




Nordic Walking involves striding with a a full range pendulum movement of the arms that consequently activates 90% of your body muscles. Aside from the obvious lower body impact, it also improves muscles in the upper body including abdominals and back muscles, and improves mobility of neck and shoulders. The use of poles deflects a portion of impact from knees and lower joints.

As an aerobic activity of moderate-intensity, Nordic Walking burns 40% more calories than walking. In further comparison, it increases oxygen consumption by an average of 46% and heart rate increase by approximately 10 beats per minute. Nordic Walking burns similar calories to jogging.


Sonja Johansson

Movement Educator

Everyone walks… but Sonja will instruct you how to walk correctly. She has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method since 1999. She takes her years of experience in the fields of dance and theater performance, fitness training, anatomy and kinesiology and integrates them with the Feldenkrais Method to create efficient and effective Nordic Walking techniques.

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Bones for Life Teacher/Trainer, Change Your Age Teacher, Pilates Instructor and ACE certified Personal Trainer, American Nordic Walking Association (ANWA) certified instructor , Private Practice/Equinox Instructor.

Bill Rosson

Fitness Advocate, ANWA certified

Bill was smitten by Nordic Walking on a recent trip to Germany. Upon his return, he was frustrated to find no real opportunities for Nordic Walking in New York City. Having been a fitness advocate all his life (Molly Fox, Lotte Berk, Exhale), he found a huge gap for those wanting moderate cardio exercise among today’s boot camp and spinning classes. He believes Nordic Walking is not only a great alternative workout but an exercise one can do for a lifetime. Bill is an avid inline skater and Pilates enthusiast.


Music Director

Bob Musiker

There is no one on this planet that knows as much about music as Bob Musiker. In fact, as you are reading this, he is probably at a music festival in some obscure part of the world. He owns a successful education and touring business, but his true passion and obsession is music. Nordic Walking is about hearing the crunch of gravel, stepping with rhythm and absorbing ones environment. The soundtracks have been created to augment this experience – not interfere with it.









HYVÄ Nordic Walking is a trademarked fitness program. We have integrated the best of traditional Nordic Walking with our anatomy and kinesiology experience. We are currently training instructors and licensing the HYVÄ program throughout the country. Please contact us for further details.
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