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"Walking . . . is how the body measures itself against the earth"




HYVÄ Healthy Nordic Walking West Side (level 1)

A more user friendly and mild Nordic Walk performed at a relaxed pace. This shortened course winds around the outside of the Reservoir and takes approximately 50 to 60 minutes. The pace maintains a minimum cardio of 100 steps/min at an average of 3 mph. The extended warmup emphasizes technique and stretch. Max class size 12.

Length: 50 minutes.
Distance: 2 miles, approx 20 min/mile
Meet: Central Park West and West 72nd Street park entrance by the benches
Level: Easy/Relaxed

*please arrive 15 min early for equipment fittings.

Central Park West and West 72nd Street park entrance by the benches

HYVÄ Athletic Nordic Walking (level 2)

This is the standard cardio HYVÄ class. It is a moderate workout but requires participants to be fit and in good condition. The Instructor will set the pace and the pack will follow 2x2. Interval training techniques include altering stride length, Jete jumps, ‘Kangaroo’ steps, sprint and double poling to vary the routine. If you’re counting, this will add 6500 steps to your 10,000 daily allowance. Max class size 12.

Length: 60 minutes.
Distance: 3.25 miles Pace: 16 min/mile 4 mph@135 steps/min
Meet: 72nd St and Central Park West Entrance
Level: Challenging

*please arrive 15 min early for equipment fittings.

72nd St and Central Park West Entrance

What you should know

Transmitters will be given out by the instructor and can be clipped onto the waistband. You can either plug in with your own set of earphones or use HYVA disposable ear buds. In addition to the music soundtrack, the instructor will be giving audio cues throughout the walk. The Bridle Path is a soft surface composite which is forgiving on the joints. The route is relatively flat with only a few small inclines.

nordic walk teacher with headphones

Poles will be available for those taking class for the first time. Thereafter, we encourage you to purchase a set of Kompardell or Leki poles on our online store. These are offered at a discount to HYVA members. You will be asked at the time of reservation whether you require poles.

Anyone having trouble with the class pace will need to continue on their own. Transmitters have a range of approximately 150ft. The route is a loop and the instructor will wait for you at the starting point to collect the equipment. If you have any doubts as to maintaining the pace, start with the Healthy Nordic Walking class (level 1).

What to wear

With Nordic Walking you’ll get warm once you’re on the move, so wear layers of unrestrictive clothes used for cardio or running. You’ll feel more comfortable if you wear breathable or wicking fabrics that move moisture away from the skin. Wear running or cross training sneakers that have a low heel, flexible sole, are light weight and have lateral support. Please do not bring any bags- a knapsack or belt bag can be worn without hindering movement.


In case of rain or inclement weather, email alerts will be sent cancelling class that day.

HYVÄ Nordic Walking is a trademarked fitness program. We have integrated the best of traditional Nordic Walking with our anatomy and kinesiology experience. We are currently training instructors and licensing the HYVÄ program throughout the country. Please contact us for further details.
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