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Nordic Walking requires very little in terms of equipment – only a pair of specifically designed poles. HYVÄ has partnered with one of the oldest German pole manufacturers in Europe to bring you the most technically advanced and quality Nordic walking poles. Leki, known for their ski poles in the United States,was established in 1948. Over the years, the Nordic Walking pole evolved using light weight Carbon and heat treated Aluminum shafts. HYVÄ has selected the fully adjustable poles which provide greater versatility. The difference between the brands is the adjusting mechanism; Leki uses the ‘SpeedLock’ which has the highest holding point and can be quickly adjusted. The Trigger Shark is another nice feature for quick release – enabling you to text or blow your nose.



Instructor Lite SL2

The 2015 Instructor is a showcase of LEKI innovation thanks to the innovative Trigger Shark system, the unique combination of high strength HTS aluminum and 100% Carbon shafts for added stability and balance, and the next generation SpeedLock2 as the easiest lock adjustment system with the highest rated holding power for an external lock mechanism.

HYVÄ Review

It doesn’t get much better than this in adjustable poles.
Made with a Carbon lower shaft, the pole is stiffer and walks with less vibration.
This is the pole you want as you gain more experience in Nordic Walking.
Nice and light… extremely versatile.

Price: $149.95
Special Online Price: $135.00
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HYVÄ Nordic Walking is a trademarked fitness program. We have integrated the best of traditional Nordic Walking with our anatomy and kinesiology experience. We are currently training instructors and licensing the HYVÄ program throughout the country. Please contact us for further details.
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