Teacher Instruction




Teacher Instruction


Nordic Walking requires no studio space, little equipment and a quick learning curve. It’s an efficient, low cardio workout that is just beginning to attract the attention of baby boomers in the United States. If you are an individual looking to teach Nordic Walking either as a hobby or business, you can obtain your credentials from HYVÄ Nordic Walking. In addition to learning the ‘Classic” Nordic Walking technique, you will gain a better understanding of the biomechanics of the movement - a knowledge which will make you a more effective and competent teacher.

You will have one on one personal (tri-state area) or Skype instruction, use of the HYVÄ brand name and continued support from Sonja Johannson. The cost is reasonable and there are no annual dues.
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Master Class

If you already have your certification from INWA or ANWA …this 1 hour Skype consultation drills deeper into the anatomy of Nordic Walking. It will cover getting more individual power from the walk, gait abnormalities, alignment, rotation, breathing and muscle involvement. Nordic ‘challenged’ student issues are discussed and how to effectively work with them. A must for the experienced instructor.
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Personal Trainers ‘NWIT” Program

Shake up your clients routine by incorporating a ‘HYVÄ NWIT (Nordic Walking Interval Training) workout. It isn’t just a walk in the park, but instead plyometrics in which jumps, jogs, runs, leaps and skips are done with Nordic Walking poles to build strength and speed. Just a few minutes of each will challenge your students. A great way to differentiate your services from other PT’s and keep your clients wanting more.
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Studios/Fitness Clubs

An economical fitness program that can be targeted to millennials and baby boomers alike – HYVÄ brings the studio outdoors by using wireless music soundtracks and instructional cues. Equipment is minimal and studio space a non issue. Let HYVÄ provide your club with a turnkey program. A unique addition to your programming and quick return on investment.
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HYVÄ Nordic Walking is a trademarked fitness program. We have integrated the best of traditional Nordic Walking with our anatomy and kinesiology experience. We are currently training instructors and licensing the HYVÄ program throughout the country. Please contact us for further details.
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